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Know Laboratories, Incorporated. OTCQB: KNWN, a leader in diagnosis without unpleasant health care, today announced that it was naturally clear on its RFID technology resources. Issued obvious is vast, since the nature of RFID technology system and related medical-diagnostic resources Mining bacteria parts making use of spectroscopy of the frequency band stereoPermicrowave. Phil Bosua, namely Laboratories Top dog and developer of RFID technology resources, mentioned: "We are extremely pleased and excited to have this evidence. It really can be an invention that we feel can affect and revolutionize the Leader glucose meter man without unpleasant biomarker discovery and diagnostic healthcare. " RFID technology resources makes use of stereo wavelengths and microwave in new methods. Nikola Tesla was estimated expression: "If you want to discover the secrets theuniverse, think in terms of power, frequency and moaning. "Unlock RFID resources some of these techniques. Know Labs' first target with its RFID technology resources are not mobile unpleasant monitoring of blood glucose, an important discovery for all forms of diabetes your group. The Company Executive with the rapid advancement of the continuous track UBAND keep sugar CGM in its market game shape for many studies after this season, results to be submitted to the FDA for approval. As a system of technologies, control sugar levels in the blood will be the beginning of many diagnoses Know laboratories will go after. The Company deploys many other molecules Know Labs Granted that could be key diagnostic indicators of general welfare man.

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